An International Conference

WTO, China, 

and the Asian Economies

Hong Kong, November 9-10, 2002

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Regular Sessions

Jie Li, Larry Qiu, and Qunyan Sun

Interregional Protection in China: Implications of Tax Reform and Trade Liberalization

Ashok S. Guha and Amit S. Ray

EXPATRIATE VS. MULTINATIONAL INVESTMENT: A Comparative Analysis of their Roles in Chinese and Indian Development

Tran Van Hoa

Measuring the Impact of China's WTO Membership on its Trade and Growth: A New CGE-Keynesian Approach

Lin Guijun

China's Foreign Exchange Policies Since 1979: A Review of Developments and An Assessment

Hiroshi Obta and Martin C. McGuire

Asymmetric Oligopoly, Protection, and Trade: Asian Industrial Structure as a Source of Implicit Mercantilism

Yin Wong Cheung, Menzie D. Chinn, and Eiji Fujii

China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan: Real and Financial Integration

Suthiphand Chirathivat and Sothitorn Mallikamas

Asean-China FTA: Potential Outcome for Participating Countries

Masahiro Kawai and Deepak Bhattasali

Implications of China's Accession to the World Trade Organization

Jian Xu

Dual Exchange Rate Regime with Fradulent Leakage and Its Unification: The Case of China

Kar-yiu Wong

China's WTO Accession and Its Trade with the Southeast Asian Economies

K. C. Fung, Hitomi Iizaka, and Alan Siu

Japanese Direct Investment in China and Other Asian Countries

Laixun Zhao and Makoto Okamura

Competing to Invest in the Foreign Market

Tianshu Chu and Claustre Bajona

Economic Effects of Liberalization: The Case of China's Accession to the World Trade Organization

Zhi Wang

WTO Accession and Economic Integration Among Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

Vithanage Pemajayantha and Jay Rayasekera Recursive Macroeconomic Model for Crisis Prediction
Yunhua Liu and Ruifang Wang China's Exports Expansion: Determinants and Pattern Shifts During 1985 - 2000

Plenary Session

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