An International Conference

WTO, China, 

and the Asian Economies

Hong Kong, November 9-10, 2002

Symposium in

China Economic Review, 2003


Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 203-370 (2003)
Symposium on WTO, China and the Asian Economies

Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong, 9 November - 10 November 2002

Edited by: E. Parker and K. -Y. Wong


WTO, China, and the Asian economies, Pages 203-205
Elliott PARKER and Kar-yiu WONG


The impacts of China's WTO accession on the Southeast Asian economies: A theoretical analysis, Pages 208-226
Kar-yiu WONG


Interregional protection: Implications of fiscal decentralization and trade liberalization, Pages 227-245
Jie LI, Larry D. QIU and Qunyan SUN


China's foreign exchange policies since 1979: A review of developments and an assessment, Pages 246-280
Guijun LIN and Ronald M. SCHRAMM


China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan: A quantitative assessment of real and financial integration, Pages 281-303
Yin-Wong CHEUNG, Menzie D. CHINN and Eiji FUJII


Japanese direct investment in China, Pages 304-315
K. C. FUNG, Hitomi IIZAKA and Alan SIU


WTO accession, the "Greater China" free-trade area, and economic integration across the Taiwan Strait, Pages 316-349


How responsive is Chinese export supply to market signals?, Pages 350-370
Valerie CERRA and Sweta Chaman SAXENA



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